ART·spiration: Frank Stella

"I like real art. It's difficult to define 'real' but it is the best word for describing what I like to get out of art and what the best art has. It has the ability to convince you that it's present - that it's there. You could say it's authentic... but real is actually a better word, broad as it may be." - Frank Stella

Happy birthday to Frank Stella!

A painter and printmaker, Stella was part of the abstract expressionism movement in New York.

Stella’s work is included in many museums across the globe including the Menil Collection in Houston, the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, and The Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

We love Stella’s use of line and color to create his beautiful images!


Pictured: "Bandshell," "Harran II," "Memantra," "Giufà, la luna, i ladri e le guardie"