Bet you didn't know! : May 27


We are introducing a new topic on our blog to bring little bit of fun to your work day. With "Bet you didn't know" we hope you take a quick break with us to check out these crazy facts about your favorite artists.  

  • Jackson Pollock had a job cleaning statues for the Emergency Relief Bureau. He also worked as a janitor with his brother at a children's school, and later at the Guggenheim Museum. 
  • Paul Gaugin, the French painter, worked as a laborer on the Panama Canal, while on his travels through Central America. Roughly 25,000 workers died during the canals construction.
  • Pablo Picasso was arrested and questioned for the theft of Mona Lisa in 1911, but was later cleared and released.
  • Johannes Vermeer used a Camera Obscura to project the scene he was to paint onto his canvas, which gave his paintings the extremely detailed elegant style we are familiar with. Documentarian and graphic designer Tim Jenison became so obsessed with this idea, he made a movie about it.