ART·spiration: Donald Judd

Happy Birthday Donald Judd, who was born today in 1928.

Judd began as an expressionist painter before he settled into minimalism.

In the early 1960s he wrote his famous “Specific Objects” essay, which outlined his views on art, shape and form. This new way of thinking complimented his newly created industrial sculptures and to this day makes him one of the most influential figures in minimalism.

In 1979, Judd purchased 340 acres in and around Marfa, TX that later opened as the Chinati Foundation – a non-profit dedicated to the work of Judd and his contemporaries including John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, and Carl Andre.  We love making the trip out to Marfa to see Judd's work which includes 15 outdoor works in concrete and 100 aluminum pieces housed in two beautifully renovated artillery sheds.