ART·spiration: Ai Weiwei

Happy 58th birthday to artist Ai Weiwei!

We love the thought provoking nature of his artwork, and the voice and presence that his art creates. He captivates his audience regardless of the platform and medium in which he uses.

The artist has made numerous monumental works, including the design for the "Bird's Nest," or Beijing’s National Stadium built for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Sunflower Seeds, an installation at the Tate Modern, and a series of installation pieces shown at Alcatraz prison last year.

Ai Weiwei’s work is politically driven – not just a critique of the Chinese government, but also a statement for his love of the culture and people. He enlightens his audience to current issues touching the lives of the Chinese people, through beautiful and compelling sculpture.  

 Check out this great video the Tate Modern made during the installation of the Sunflower Seeds, it's so fantastic!