About Eaton Fine Art

Working side by side with many brand leaders, designers and hoteliers for over 25 years has garnered our team one of the highest reputations in the industry for developing, producing and installing innovative art programs for both guestrooms and all public areas.

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."
- Jonathan Swift

We believe that art is the critical element that brings the final touches to a great design … it's the icing on the cake … the "wow" to an already fantastic architectural and interiors palette.

Whether you need a few pieces of art for a hotel suite or the lobby, or you need concepts and framed art for a 3,000-room hotel, Eaton Fine Art offers an innovative addition to your team with extensive selections from artists around the world. We work closely with all the team members, from property owners, developers, designers and purchasing agents to make sure everyone's goals are met and the art program is delivered on time.

About Our Team

Eaton Fine Art, Inc., established in 1992, is a full-service art consulting firm specializing in creative project design, publishing and custom framing for the hospitality and healthcare industry internationally.

Our talented and creative team exemplifies what a client many years ago said about Eaton Fine Art … "You are one of the most Innovative Art groups in the country." The principals and talented designers from Eaton Fine Art bring years of valued experienced to your project with the latest from the art capitals all over the world.

From budgeting to concepts, and production to installation, Eaton Fine Art provides full and comprehensive services. Each project is diverse in its design, and so is the art program to match each project. From contemporary to traditional, a beach resort to a mountain chalet to city urban chic, our creative team works tirelessly to ensure the creative goals speak loudly.


Eco-Friendly Art

EnviroArt ™ was established in 2006 to provide clients with the latest and best art concepts to help us all help our planet. We have provided thousands of pieces of art to hotels nationwide that are produced with the highest quality in mind while maintaining an eco-friendly standard to help our clients who, also, want to lessen our footprints on this valued earth. We are working with artists and craftsmen to provide art that is both beautiful, unique and environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Office

The old saying "the proof is in the pudding" is true! Not only do we create and provide eco-friendly art programs, but at Eaton Fine Art we designed and built our Company offices as an eco-friendly building. Our building features rooftop solar panels, as well as an energy efficient design that promotes energy conservation, natural air circulation and the use of recycled/recyclable building materials throughout. Designed with both Feng shui and the environment as the guiding forces, we minimize what we take from the environment and give back in so many ways.